Nintendo 3DS XL

To showcase the Nintendo 3Ds XL gaming console, we created a campaign that reminds everyone of the iconic Nintendo Universe characters.  We can all relive our childhood memories of being heroes with our favorite games.




AR World: Snapchat

Snapchat users can now scan the supersized 3DS AR cards found on posters, billboards, and on buildings. By scanning them with their mobile devices, users can unlock mini-games, interactive filters, and AR play.


Super Mario Maker Billboard

Commuters can find Super Mario Maker on digital billboards, bus shelters, and train stations to make the wait time less boring. Create a level or play ones made by your fellow commuters. You can even take the fun on the go by downloading the games on your mobile phones.


3D Screens

Using its 3DS technology, Nintendo will transform digital billboards to allow people to take a photo of themselves or an object and turn it into an 8-bit 3D image.


Interjecting the Nintendo Universe in every day platforms:


AD: Rachel Power
CW: Blessy Samuel